It is said that the man who does this (neck and leg roping) trusts no one but his brother-in-law to hold him by the waist band while he bends down to his precarious tasks. In no other hands is he safe, since should he die, the duty of maintaining his widow will devolve on his brother”
Carrington p. 72

  1. Introduction
  2. Historical Account
  3. Traditional Methods of Capturing Elephants
                   a) Stockade or Pen Method (Kheddah)
                   b) Mela shikar or Lassoing
                   c) Pit Method
4.   Kraal
                  a) Permanent Kraal
                  b) Temporary Kraal

5. Other Methods of Capture

6. Precautions in Capturing Operations

7. Pre and Post-Capture Health Monitoring

8. Conclusion

9. References